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Gold Medal -Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge

Gilbert & Gaillard: wine guide and magazine with international diffusion

The group was founded in 1989 by Philippe Gaillard and François Gilbert, who debuted as collection directors at the Presses de la Cité publishing house. In 1991 they became publishers of guides and magazines themselves. Currently, they run a multimedia group dedicated to wine present in twenty-two countries. The Gilbert & Gaillard group is totally independent and does not appeal to any other shareholder other than its founders.

Silver Medal -Decanter World Wine Awards, 2018

The largest and most prestigious wine competition in the world

The co-chairman of the DWWA, Gerard Basset OBE, MW, MS, declares that: "This is an extraordinary competition. Nowhere else in the world could you find this concentration of world authorities with one single purpose in mind: to reward quality. "

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