Wine tourism for medical staff


It is our turn
Now you have to think about the future, solidary, happy, outdoors. Without you we would not have survived these months.
This period of confinement has left us totally unarmed, incredulous and sad,
The health personnel and workers in the sector of first need have been our modern heroes, who have transmitted Protection, Help and Affection to us every day.
The time has come to put a face to these Heroes and that is why, from Rovellats we want to pay special attention to all the people who have taken care of us during this pandemic.
Rovellats' motto is "The land, the people, the cava"
We want to respect these principles that have always moved us and that for this occasion we transform into Our identity, our people, our product.
For this reason we have decided to open the doors of Cava Rovellats, give a different day to all health personnel, and front-line personnel *
We will give away an Imperial visit with tasting **
Every Sunday in September, October, November 2020
From 11:00 to 14:00
Capacity max 25 people

No more can be added except THANK YOU

To sign up you have to send an email to (Necessites javascript per veure aquest correu-e)
Full name - workplace - number of people who will attend the visit.

* Health, Pharmaceutical, Cleaning, Security, Ambulance, Fire, Residency or Sheltered Floors, Cashiers and Repairers, Carriers and Messengers who have contributed to our society maintaining safe confinement.

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